So, who am I? That’s a damn good question.

If you’re looking at my Facebook posts and pictures, I’m a smiley, happy, skydiver and traveller. If you’re looking at my professional portfolio, I’m a woodworker, furniture maker, and crafter of fine wooden jewelry. If you’re looking at the facts, I’m a 33-year old Canadian-born Caucasian male of Eastern European descent, with a Bachelor’s degree in music, a trade certification in cabinetmaking, and a few other pieces of paper I’ll never really use. If you’re asking my friends, I’m Gill, and that’s all I really want to be.

So, what is this website?

While it started as an online portfolio, the addition of an (admittedly) underused blog quickly transformed it into an ever evolving catalogue of my thoughts, ideas, projects, hopes, and dreams. While I try to keep no secrets (unless they’re from my mother) the following pages will contain some highly personal content, and when I bring myself to write them, some at-times difficult reads.

This is me. This is what I am, what I was, and what I hopefully will be. Welcome.